Park Construction Albania sh.p.k, is an Albanian construction company established in 2005, operating in the field of civil and industrial construction.

With a portfolio in the field of civil construction, this company has brought a new spirit to the Albanian construction market, offering the best quality in the market both in design and implementation, through the implementation of the highest technology and based on standards of European construction.

Park Construction Albania Shpk, with the construction of one of the most modern residence in Tirana, “Lana Park” which is located at the intersection of Gjergj Fishta Boulevard with Kavaja Street, has brought to the city of Tirana a high quality of construction, also a unique multifunctional landscape, which through numerous public and recreational spaces is focused on the needs of residents by providing pleasant and relaxing environments but also functional for the needs of the surrounding businesses, turning this residence into an attraction for the citizens of  Tirana and not only.

Park Construction Albania sh.p.k, as an affirmed company in the field of construction, has been collaborating for years with one of the most well known Greek architects, such as the Haris Roidis – LANSCAPE ARCHITECTS studio. In a competition attended by well-known studios from countries such as Italy, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece etc the studio was honored with the BIG SEE ARCHITECTURE AWARD 2019 on March 2019, for Design of Recreational Spaces and Exterior Systems of Lana Park Residence with investor/builder company Park Construction Albania Shpk.


BIG SEE ARCHITECTURE AWARD 2019, Landscape and urban space
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Today, after more than 15 years on the most experienced market, Park Construction Albania sh.p.k has proven to be one of the leading companies both in quality and customer service, through our completed projects, that remain our passport to success.

Lana-Park Residence


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